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Queer Existence is Resistance Tee
  • Queer Existence is Resistance Tee


    From the fine folks at Red Planet, our Queer Existence is Resistance shirt illustrates the inherent defiance of living as you are within a culture that desires your destruction. It also just looks badass.


    Red Planet is a weekly roundtable discussion show focused on direct action and engagement with leftist goals. It airs live weekly on, and is available on YouTube or in podcast form wherever podcasts are found. Learn more about Red Planet here.


    Design by Sophie McAllister and ConquestOfDread. 100% cotton T-shirt, printed in the USA.


    Image Description

    A mockup of how the Queer Existence is Resistance design will look on a black t-shirt. The design is a black and white drawing of a paisley patterned handkerchief, with one end stuffed into an amyl nitrate bottle and the other end lit on fire by a windproof cigarette lighter, and the words 'queer existence' and  'is resistance' in a circular arc above and below, respectively, in a white font using a modern gothic typeface.

    • Sizing Chart

        Chest Width Body Length Sleeve Length
      from Center
      S 18" 28" 16 3/4"
      M 20" 29" 17 7/8"
      L 22" 30" 19 1/8"
      XL 24" 31" 20 3/8"
      2X 26" 32" 21 5/8"
      3X 28" 33" 22 3/4"
      4X 30" 34" 23 7/8"
      5X 32" 35" 25 1/8"
      6X 34" 36" 24 3/4"




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